Sunday, November 13, 2011

super awesomeness of today

Today i have started my class for this semester . everything was going fine . i really enjoy these classes lebih lebih lagi kelas introduction to human science . but so far another one subject that i take which is dirasat is really bored . haha. idk maybe it started at 8 . but i wish i can stay focus for these two classes so i dont have to extend another more semester or else taking diploma in CFS haha .

one thing that i'm going to share with you is my introduction to human science class is really awesome and i totally enjoyed it with others . after a long time i've been in this university , everything that i've learned mostly in arabic but finally for this semester i learned this subject in english . i'm really happy guys . its not i mean that i hate learning in arabic but i think arabic is not my choice to further my study in gombak soon . ahh idk . hard to think for now .

btw i really enjoyed study this subject with my lecturer , miss Asmiza . she is cool ha . yeah and she keep called my name as jakim officer . haha . actually it is what i told her about my ambition in next ten years . haha . aku blur doh . aku kan IRK so kena lah cakap ambition yang alim ulama' sikit . last2 jakim officer yang keluar dari mulut ni . hoho . its really funny when all classes keep laughing at you okay . and one more thing dia tegur rambut aku yg macam fesyen youngster ni . haha well . rambut aku dah memang boleh buat style gini je . buat style lain buruk lah nanti . but i told her insyaallah lah saya potong kalau teringin nak potong nanti (jangan harap lah ) haha .

okay guys . thats all for today and maybe i will not selalu update because i have to return back this laptop to my sistha petang ni . thank you readers

i have no nicer picture to share


  1. nice entry and blog . tak serabut . wah teror gile speaking btw , done following u . =)

  2. am i ? haha . thank you ah . okay i'll follow you back

  3. its really hard for me to speaking..adoi~

  4. haha . are you from kuantan or kelantan? . LOL