Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Wedding and I'm Stayed Single

I'm back people . Its like ages i let this thing in mess . oh yeahh . gue kangen dong sama kamu ? bhaha . i didn't think to talk too much . here people . i would like to share to you the moments of my cousin's wedding , Nur Dalila Asra married with my bro-in-law , Muhamad Isa on last friday , 10 . 12 . 2011 . yeah like seriously it's my first time i spent whole the wedding day at bride's home . Dila , you should notice this . kihkih .

Aqad Nikah's night . she's looked gorgeous dengan
carlo rino handbag tu (?) haha
i have no idea where did she find this man . bhahaha

make up tak macam tebal sangat ke ? kihkih

thanks god you pandang kamera murah ni .
i ingat you pandang kamera dslr mamat photoghrapher tu je . hihi

my brother and my uncle *orang kuat majlis (?) haha
he keep tweeted about the wedding . updating to his followers haha

picture i like the most
sebab obvious nampak contact lens colourless tuu bhahah

I wished you guys happy and your marriage will last forever . remember what i told youu before , give me baby boy first okkay . bhaha . *and sorry for the cheapest ever wedding present .

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