Tuesday, October 25, 2011


hey guys . do you miss me . i wish you do . tonight i am not going to write any longer post because i know people out there does not wish to read my blog haha . how silly this silly story ha ?

okay this is my first time i write my post in fully english . i have once tried to do it before but i have no confidence until tonight , idk why . maybe tomorow is deepavali celebration and the spirit comes over me .its totally over okay haha . btw thank you to helpfully-helpless- google translate .

actually i am going to talk about my final result which will be announce this thursday . it was like eating while you piss . everything what i, do my mind keep thinking about this result thingy . and you know what that i was like have booked my place for this short semester because my carrymark this semester for that one subject doesnt show that i will be passed . i really hope that something miracle happened to me so that i dont have to take this short semester . and one more thing i have sent my application form for job vacancy in secret recipe and they said that they really need workers at this time . gosh please give me chance to have experience in working because i have never worked before and i wanna feel how people going to work and enjoy their salary buying everything what they want . haha and of course i wanna have my own blackbery and replace my old form 4- k5501 :D
OKAY this is not related to this post haha

i wish i could get 4 flat each semester but its impossible

okay then , it almost 2 am . and i have nothing else to say . thousand apologies if there's writing mistakes a lot in this post and anything that i can correct back you can comment below .
just wait for my another post hot from oven for you my readers . thank you :)

*tibatiba rasa duduk amerika


  1. sblm keje dn dpat gaji,, mmg rasa jelees je memandang org yg dah bekerja dan bergaji sendiri(enjoy their salary and buying everything they want: as you say). tapi bile dh dpt gaji sdiri kendian duit gaji tu macam aiiiiir je klua.adeh..pening gak dek oi... :)